Envisioning New Boundaries, Inc. programs will focus on youth development and abstinence education.  Curricula consists of early parenthood prevention, drug and
gang intervention, positive extra-curriculum activities, higher education learning, and career development.

Performing Arts (PLAY Theater Camp)  -  The P.L.A.Y. Youth Theater Camp is a 3-month camp that begins on May 23, 2012.  Orientation is May 16, 2012 at 6:00 at
the Center for Community Cooperation at 2900 Live Oak in Dallas.  Information will be shared regarding the expectations of the camp and schedule.

Campers will learn scripts, costume designs, behind-the-scenes assistance, makeup, marketing, and also participate in group mentoring workshops.  At the end of the camp,
an original stage production with participants as the original cast in an original stage play, "Skin Deep".  

Campers will sing, act, dance, design costumes and enjoy special workshops featured by workshop host Antonio Wingfield.  Mr. Wingfield is a designer, artist, writer and
author of the book "Internal Vanity" from which the idea of the play came.  Activities will include use of creative dramatics, improvisation, basic movement  and vocal training to
help students develop confidence, improve theatrical skills and learn about aspects of theatre. Special workshops will include stage make-up use, audition techniques,
costume design, or even work behind the scenes for the actual stage production. Participants will also participate in a marketing workshop, allowing them the opportunity to
promote attendance for the play.


More details coming soon!

Abstinence Education/Teen Parenting Prevention  -  The “PLAY” (Positive Life Alternatives for Youth) program is an after school program
designed for at-risk youth, ages 10-17, with focuses on abstinence education and group mentoring.   Workshops provide guidance for the
prevention of teen pregnancy, prevention of drug/tobacco use, and a deterrent from violence and crimes.  Areas of focus are geared toward
youth in economically depressed areas who are mostly at risk of continuing the cycle of poverty, drug abuse, dropping out of school, and
conceiving children out-of-wedlock.  The "PLAY" program was originally developed to confront issues of low self-esteem amongst teen girls
and boys.  During the group sessions, teens discussed issues of self-esteem or lack thereof, violence in their communities, peer pressure
(relating to relationships and sex activities) and often discussions relating to HIV/AIDS were frequent.  

As our organization grows, Envisioning New Boundaries, Inc. would like to place more emphasis on its abstinence education program by
extending the duration of workshops, providing follow-up and ongoing communication with program participants.  The ultimate goal of
Envisioning New Boundaries is to equip youth with sufficient knowledge to make  positive life choices in becoming successful young adults in
today’s society.

Various speakers are often invited to discuss the issue relating to abstinence education to prevent teen and/or out-of wedlock pregnancy and
the prevention of HIV/AIDS. The “PLAY” volunteers provide motivation and guidance, encouraging youth to make positive life choices and also
educating them on the consequences of their decisions when the wrong choices are made.

The ultimate goal of Envisioning New Boundaries is equipping youth with sufficient knowledge to make providing youth with sufficient lessons
to make positive life choices in becoming successful young adults in today’s society.

P.L.A.Y.  Theater Camp

Self-esteem & Character-building Workshops

Youth Focus Groups

"Black Tie" (workshop for male youth)
(Teaching young boys to become young men)

"Girl Talk (workshop for female youth)
(Teaching young girls to become young ladies)