ABOUT US                             


Envisioning New Boundaries, Inc. (ENB), a 501(c)(3), non-profit charitable organization, was established January 2003 as a "give-back community project".  It was founded to meet
the needs of at-risk youth living in lower income neighborhoods within the Dallas/Fort Worth communities.

With an increased rate in teen pregnancy, gang activities, and teen dropouts—especially among youth who are considered at a disadvantage due to educational or economic
status had become our priority.  The organization addresses the needs of youth through positive intervention and role modeling.  Programs provided by ENB are focused on
building positive self-esteem.   Seminars and rallies have been held to campaign against drug/alcohol use, gang activities, truancy and teenage pregnancy.  These objectives will
be accomplished through the P.L.A.Y (Positive Life Alternatives for Youth) program.

Teen delinquency continues to increase with the latest statistics on unwed pregnancies, drug and alcohol use, and dropout and unemployment rates. However, new research
indicates that mentoring works.  It builds character and self-esteem.  One of ENB's goals is to establish a  "Junior Board" consisting of members being residents of the communities
we serve.   Members of the board will be between the ages of 14 to 18.  The organization would like to utilize the board to receive feedback on some issues or interest of the
members to see how we can better serve them.  Also, with ENB’s existing mentoring programs, we would include career and college exploration, job readiness classes, and
computer training classes.

It has been proven that youth gangs threaten public safety and damage young lives.  Therefore, Envisioning New Boundaries is implementing programs that include primary
prevention strategies that includes a variety of activities that focus on the entire population in high-crime, high-risk communities.  

"Commitment and dedication are the heart of everything we do!"